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10 April 2010 @ 09:47 am
Instrumentals for an age without awe  
I've had an mp3 in my music collection for the longest time. I always thought it sounded rather like the tunes I used to compose as a kid - except ten million times better executed. But it just somehow felt very comfortable listening to it. The progression was very very similar to the things I used to pick out on the piano keyboard. It was like listening to something I composed, but I didn't.

And then I forgot about it.

Recently I heard it again on an episode of Top Gear (love love love their music choices, by the way. LittleBigPlanetsoundtrack!twice!) and that inspired me to dig out the mp3 again. At around the same time I spotted a thread on MetaFilter that recommended Mogwai in answer to a post asking for "awe-inspiring instrumental music". That prompted me to go seek out more Mogwai.

And it was like a world opening up. With every song that I started out going "ehh..." as I listened, it blossomed into that kind of ridiculous "wow this is awesomegreat" sitting there with a silly grin in my mind sort of thing. This is like Coldplay without the vocals. No, wait, to a lot of people Coldplay IS Chris Martin (boo). But it's Coldplay if the bass and electronics and drums had suddenly gotten more forceful personalities. Or, Coldplay is Mogwai with ridiculously watered-down instrumentals and a singer. Mogwai has the same mix of haunting melodies, delicate harmonies, and just full out rock.

Whatever it is, it's my new love.

FOr the curious, here's Auto Rock.